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Electricity Museum

Electricity Museum

Electricity Museum Barranco

Of. Pedro de Osma 105, Barranco Lima Peru

Such: 477-6577
E-mail: museoelectri@speedy.com.pe
Web: museodelaelectricidad.blogspot.com

Timetable: Monday to Sunday: 9:00 am. a 5:00 pm.

The Electricity Museum was inaugurated 9 August 1994 and owes its creation to the initiative of the former electricity company Electrolima SA, that being ready to deactivation and subsequent conversion into what would be the new utilities Luz del Sur, Edelnor and Edegel SA, He wanted to leave a testimony to its long history and tradition. In 1997, Museum performed the major restoration project and enabling the electric tram, which was inaugurated in September 1997. In 1998, after the final deactivation of Electrolima and in the interest of ensuring continuity, the museum was transferred to Electroperú S.A.

Exhibition Halls

Patio of Sculptures
Contains related electronics as is the case of an engine generator 5 kw. power used in the early years 50, a mini-hydroelectric plant which greatly facilitates the understanding of how large centralized power generation.

Room 1: History of Electricity
This room shows the history of lighting in Peru. From the earliest colonial ordinances, the development of electricity companies in Lima, the birth of the Utilities Associates in 1906, and local and global chronology of milestones in the electrical activity.

Room 2: Pioneers and power generation
This room is a tribute to the men with vision, hard work made the electrical development in Peru such as Pablo Boner possible, Santiago Antunez de Mayolo and José Crocci. In an interactive and very entertaining panel various energy sources currently used are shown.

Room 3: Oral History and Tramways of Lima
This video project about the history of electricity and street lighting in Peru and on the history of electric trams Lima.

Room 4: Interactive Room
In this room two interactive modules are shown: electrostatic machine Van der Graff and Bike Generator.

Room 5: Living Energy Savings
The room has an ingenious system as a major focus, informing about the consumption of each device with the intent to arouse the visitor the importance of rational use of electricity and new alternatives in energy savings.

Room 6: Ancient Artifacts Room
Televisions are displayed, radios, rocolas, radiolas, plates, phone, foci, kitchens and other.

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